Someone Like Me

by Chris Crocker

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I wrote this song as a letter to my younger self in some ways. It's the story of what it's like growing up gay in the religious south. It's the story of what it's like to feel different from your family and just wanting to be accepted for all that you are; not all that you could be.


(Verse 1)
I was Born and raised in the south
At my Mamaw and Papaw;s house
Spent my childhood running around
With my Barbies; I was so proud
I took them to show & tell
Boys and girls gave me hell
Life was giving me a test
I was different from the rest

(Pre chorus)
I didn't change who I was
Because who you are: U can't outrun
I didn't change who I was
Because who you are: U can't outrun

Everybody knows Someone like me
They call me names
I say I'm unique
The outsider of: The family black sheep
They say they say they love me
They preach and they peach
Why can't they see
Everybody knows Someone like me

(Verse 2)
Scorned and hated in my town
I never could figure out
Why they couldn't shut their mouths
That's when I figured out
Didn't wanna be like them
And I couldn't pretend
I always wanted to know
They didn't love me for playing a role


And I'll never need a secondhand love
I wanna be free and I want you to know
I'll never need your conditional love
If me being me upsets us so much
In your glass house that Ya love x2
Oh, I don't need that kind of love
'Cause I love myself too much



released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Chris Crocker Tennessee

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